SMA Facilities / Landscape Committee

We formed a formal landscaping committee in January 2009 for Sonata Maintenance Association.  There has never been a formal landscaping committee in the past and since there is a lot of responsibility we felt a three person committee was necessary.  We knew we could make some significant improvements and in the past several years we have accomplished a lot.

We all have unique qualities that make up for an effective committee.  We are always open to any suggestions about the landscaping here in Sonata Maintenance.

For a description of the duties of the Facilities/Landscape Committee Chairman click here.


SMA is proud to introduce our new landscape partner:

Steven Smith Landscape, Inc.
1916 Commercial Street
Escondido, CA 92029

You can view a gallery of their work by clicking the box below.

Finance Chairperson

Responsibilities and Duties

The Sonata Maintenance Association (SMA) Finance Chairperson is responsible for and has been given the authority to perform financial reviews of the monthly income and expense accounts for the SMA Board of Directors (Board). The SMA Finance Chairperson is subordinate to the Chief Financial Officer (known as the Treasurer). The Finance Chairperson shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

Recruit and select other SMA Association Members as required as subordinate committee members to serve on the committee. The committee shall not exceed 3 members excluding the President as an ex-officio member. The composition of the committee shall be subject to the approval of the Board. Perform financial document reviews. Set up telephone or on-site meetings with property management officials to request explanation of any financial report item(s). Provide special financial reports such as estimates at completion and funding analyses. Support the development of the annual budget. Present board members with findings and recommendations. Provide a financial review report at each regular Board meeting.

Neighborhood Watch

Joe Perez

Joe Perez

Sonata Homeowners Association has a Neighborhood Watch Committee as do most of the other Sonata HOAs. Ours is currently headed by Joe Perez. His function is to coordinate Neighborhood Watch activities among the SSF block captains, other Sonata HOAs, and local authorities.

Remember, if you suspect any problems that could affect life or property, call 911. If you want to report a non-emergency to local police, 24 hours per day, call (760) 839-4722. The Escondido City Police department business number is (760) 839-4961.