Experience the beauty of Sonata


Sonata Single Family Association
(149 units)

Sonata Allegro Town Homes Association
(70 units

Sonata Patio Homes #I Association
(89 units)

Sonata Patio Homes #2 Association
(55 units)

Sonata Maintenance Association (SMA)

Homeowners in all four homeowner associations also belong to the Sonata Maintenance Association (Master Association), which includes all 363 units above.

Revised Monument crop.jpg

Notice to Sonata Homeowners:

In an ongoing effort to keep the Sonata Maintenance Association at its best, the Board of Directors has agreed to refurbish all four monument signs. A picture of the approved monument refurbishment is pictured above.

The Association’s CC&Rs, Article VII, Section 1(g), limits the authority of the Board to undertake a capital expenditure that exceeds 5% of the budgeted gross expenses for the fiscal year, unless it is approved by a majority of the membership.  The completion of all four monuments will exceed the Board authority, and they are asking Members to vote to approve the expenditure to complete all four monuments at the same time.

The benefit of refurbishing all four monument signs at the same time include reduction of overall costs, as well as ensuring that all four signs will match.  Doing them in phases may result in the materials from the first two refurbishments not being available at a later date. 

Please be advised that the Association has ample funds to complete this work, and this work will in no way affect the dues.

A letter detailing the costs and a ballot has been mailed to each member. Please read through the information, cast your vote, and return it per the instructions on the bottom portion of the ballot. 

Note:  Please do not sign the ballot, as that will nullify your vote.