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The SMA is the Master Association for all of Sonata having responsibility for many of the assets you see every day as you drive through the Sonata development, via either of the two Beethoven entrances. These assets include, but are not limited to, the entry way monuments, the three tennis courts, tennis court parking lot, hundreds of trees and plants of many varieties, and of course, an extensive irrigation system of valves, sprinkler heads, and automatic controllers. To view some of these assets please refer to the pictures on this page.

The SMA is organized as follows to support the maintenance and insure the continued beauty of the entryways, tennis courts and all the other landscaping assets. Under the SMA Board of five members, there is a Landscaping Committee, formed in 2009 responsible for managing a monthly budget as well as making recommendations for approval to the Board for larger projects exceeding their budget. The Finance Committee was created in 2010 to advise the Board Treasurer on financial matters.

SMA retains a Landscape Contractor who is responsible for maintaining most of our assets and receives guidance from the Landscape Committee. Other contractors are hired as needed for more specialized tasks. The SMA is also mandated by state laws, to hire a Management Company to advise the Board about the latest state laws, to participate in Board meetings, to insure the proper meeting procedures are followed (Board Members and Committees are made up of volunteers), to manage the budget, pay bills, and do other tasks vital to insure the sound operation of the day-to-day operation of the SMA.

For more details about the Board, Landscape Committee, and the Finance Committee, please refer to the other links on this webpage.

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