SMA Updates

From the SMA Board  /  Posted April 21, 2015


We have recently completed a project to patch and paint two of the three tennis courts.  They were getting some minor hairline cracks and some discoloration (concrete effervescence).  The problems were not affecting play but were significant enough to warrant corrective action.  We also replaced a net post on court 2 which was rusting out and starting to slant.  The total cost of the tennis court work was around $5,000.  


For the last several months we have been making improvements in our firebreak.  The firebreak is the strip of land behind many of our perimeter homes which separates us from the natural chaparral surrounding us.  The City of Escondido has changed it’s guidelines regarding firebreaks.  For many years they were having us clear vegetation to ground level.  This produced an area of bare ground between the end of our irrigated ice plant and the wild or natural area just beyond the firebreak.  Although this was good for fire protection, it was not so good for the prevention of erosion.  The City now wants us to have a low level of vegetation on these formerly bare ground areas so as to prevent long-term erosion.  As long as the vegetation is kept low, it will not constitute a “high fuel” area.  Through a program of seeding the area with low growing grasses and wildflowers, both of which die out in the summer months, we will have a level of low vegetation which will not create a “high fuel” problem.  We will still have a very good firebreak which will satisfy the City’s requirements.   As you may know,  we have maintained a firebreak of approximately 100 feet completely surrounding our development for many years.  Even during the 2007 “Witch Creek” fire our firebreak did it’s job quite well.  The structures we lost were due to flying embers, not direct flames.  


We are also planning to update our Sonata entrances (lower and upper).  We will be removing the tile “Sonata” sign and replacing it with raised letters on all four monuments (two lower and two upper).  The letters will be a dark brown on a lighter tan or pueblo like colored background.  The colors will be fresh and contemporary and the monuments will have a much more updated look.