SMA Board of Directors

The Sonata Maintenance Association Board of Directors consists of 5 Members:

Each board member is elected to a term of two (2) years by all the home owners who live in either the Sonata Home Owners, Allegro, and Patio I and II Associations. Elections are held in November of each year and the terms are staggered to retain continuity of the knowledge base as new board members replace old ones.

Mark LaBianca, President
Brian Gibbs, Vice-President
Dave Dollins, Treasurer
Mary Jane Zar, Secretary
Joe Tami, Director at Large

SMA Meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of each odd month: 
January, March, May, July, September and November.

The Annual Meeting time will be listed on the SMA Meeting Info page.

SMA Board Member Responsibilities

The Sonata Maintenance Association Board of Directors responsibilities consist of the following:

  • Maintain, protect, and enhance the value of SMA's property

  • Maintain financial records and other important documents

  • Administer the Association as per the governing documents and relevant laws

  • Enforce the governing documents that will benefit all other member associations it serves

Provisions for rules and regulations and authority for the enforcement by our Board are contained in the Declaration of Restrictions for Sonata Maintenance Association, which is a statement of restrictions applicable to ownership of common property, recreational areas, and open space not under the responsibility of the either the Sonata HOA, Allegro, and Patio I and II Associations. In addition, the Sonata Maintenance Association Board of Directors oversees two important Committees essential to all the homeowners in the entire development.  The Landscape Committee represents the Board  Directors in carrying out the maintenance responsibilities that will perpetuate the long term beauty of our community and make recommendations to the Board of Directors as to future improvements and cost saving measures.  The Finance Committee provides guidance to the Treasurer and Board as to the best practices of financial management and planning tools.


Mark LaBianca, President

  • Sonata Homeowner since 2000

  • Retired Electrical Engineer

  • Single Family Board of Directors for 6 years

  • Sonata Maintenance Board since January 2009

  • Small Aircraft Pilot, Certified Scuba Diver, Stock Trader and Real Estate Investor

I am fully committed in maintaining our beautiful community for all Sonata Residents for years to come.  I along with others on our committee were resourceful in getting approximately $30,000 so far from our claim for Sonata’s fire loss incurred from the 2007 fires.  These monies will go a long way in restoring our open space and shoring up our reserves.

Finding ways to keep our HOA fees low while keeping our property values high and our community safe is why I serve on our SMA Board.


Brian Gibbs, Vice-President

  • Sonata Homeowner since 2011

  • Retirement Income Specialist and Tax Planner

  • B.S. in Financial and Estate Planning

  • Founder of Hope Legacy Foundation, a Public Charity

  • Father of four children, grandpa of eight

  • Avid Golfer and New Pickleball Enthusiast

Though I have been a board member since only January 2018, I share the other board member’s commitment to help keep our community beautiful and well maintained while striving to keep dues as low as possible with prudent financial management and sound fiscal policies. I enjoy our Sonata community very much and believe that with continued diligence and wise decisions, our property values and the beauty of our community can continue to grow, and our spirit of community and cooperation can increase.


Dave Dollins, Treasurer

  • Served since 1997 on SMA Board (treasurer and landscape chair)

  • Played a key role in keeping SMA dues low for many years.

  • Served since 1995 on Sonata Patio I Board

  • B.S. in Business Administration

  • M.S. in College Personnel Administration

  • Part-time tennis teaching professional

Mary Jane Zar.jpg

Mary Jane Zar, Secretary

I am an original owner in Sonata Patio 1 since 1988. I currently serve on the Sonata Patio 1 Board as a Secretary as well as the SMA Board as Secretary.

I care very deeply about our area, our people, our community and our wildlife. This is a very unique place to live and we must strive to take care of it properly now and in the future.


Joe Tami, Member at Large

  • Sonata Homeowner since 1987

  • Served on both Single Family and Sonata Maintenance Boards previously

  • Received a B A in Accounting from LMU plus several courses at Stanford

  • Served as an officer in the United States Air Force

  • Retired as an Executive from Pacific Bell

  • Served on a committee for several years for the City of Escondido