SMA Overview

The Sonata Maintenance Association (SMA) is a unique organization that has 363 members who own over 96 acres of land (property) with several facilities.  There are no units involved as pertains directly to SMA.  The Sonata Maintenance Association is the "Master" association for the Sonata Development and has four (4) subdivision associations that include the units.  These units are on separate land.  They are Owners I (Allegro) Home Owners Association (comprised of 70 homes), Single Family Home Owners Association (including 149 homes), Patio I Home Owners Association (with 89 homes), and Patio II Home Owners Association (with 55 homes).

SMA's 96 acres of property is commonly referred to as open space and improved land.  This land and the improvements thereon are called "Recreation Area."  This includes Lots A, C, E, F, 163 and 164.  Lots A and F are open space protected by the Endangered Species Act.  The species include Coastal Sage Scrub (often times called chaparral), the California Gnat Catcher bird and the Cactus Wren bird.  Lots 164 and 163 are east of Via Rancho Parkway; border on either side of Beethoven Drive from the main entrance to the tennis courts and its parking lot.  Lot A primarily borders on the west and south side of Allegro, on the west and south of Wind Place, Vortex Place, Nomad Place, Alton Way and Upper Inspiration Lane (from Alton Way to the end of the street).  Lot C is the slope on Alton Way.  Lot E borders the north and east side of Upper Inspiration Lane.  Lot F borders the north back side of the homes on Inspiration Lane, the west back side of Pinnacle Place and the north ends of Observation Place and Exception Place.  The facilities portion includes the Via Rancho Parkway entrance monuments on Lower Beethoven, the Sierra Linda entrance monuments on Upper Beethoven, the tennis courts, its parking lot/gate, lighting, walk ways, and railings, the gate at the end of Upper Inspiration Lane and a major irrigation system.  The irrigation system includes five (5) controller/clocks, forty (40) valves (stations), and seven hundred and fourteen (714) sprinkler heads with nozzles.  

The Sonata Maintenance Association (SMA)'s landscaped beauty is defined by its beautiful trees.  There are 223 trees made up of palms and a variety of species inherent only to California and well known in Escondido.  The following identifies the variety of trees and where they are primarily located.

Over view chart.jpg

SMA specific responsibilities are defined by sets of Declaration of Restrictions (commonly known as CC&Rs).  The term "Association" referred to in the Declaration of Restrictions is defined as: "… shall mean and refer to Sonata Maintenance Association, a California non-profit mutual benefit corporation, its successors and assigns." The Board of Directors is charged to maintain the Recreation Area in accordance with these sets of CC&Rs.  The sets of Declaration of Restrictions are also unique because they are embodied in the subdivision associations Declaration of Restrictions as follows:

  1. For Owners I (Allegro), Patio I, and Patio II it is the Article IX, Responsibilities of Maintenance, Section 1, Association Maintenance. The Association shall maintain and provide for the maintenance of: (a) the Recreation Area and all improvements thereon, and (b) those areas containing trees and other landscaping within the public right of way of Beethoven Street as shown on an encroachment permit issued by the City of Escondido to allow such maintenance, in good repair and appearance. The areas referred to in (b) above shall be deemed "Recreation Area" with respect to the Association's maintenance thereof and assessment rights for such maintenance. The Association shall provide landscaping and gardening to properly maintain and periodically replace when necessary the trees, plants, grass and other vegetation originally placed in the Recreation Area by Declarant, pursuant to landscape plans submitted to the City of Escondido and approved by said City.

  2. For Single Family it is the Article XVI Special Restrictions, Article 16.8 Boulevards. The Association (SMA) shall be responsible for the maintenance of all landscaped areas within the Real Property which are part of the public roadways and streets dedicated to the City of Escondido. NOTE: These public roadways and streets include Beethoven and part of Sierra Linda.